• Home-School Communication

    Weekly Email Blast
    Each Thursday, you will receive an email blast from the principal. This email will list the informational flyers that have been posted for the week, as well as a link to the Lakeville Friendly Flyer site.  Please be certain to check the website weekly. Periodically, you will receive a Photo of the Day along with other announcements to capture some of the daily happenings at Lakeville.

    Principal Tea and Talk
    Parents from each grade level will be invited to a virtual Tea and Talk with the principal once per year to discuss topics relevant to the grade level.

    Parent Portal
    Great Neck uses the Infinite Campus student information system and makes the Campus Parent Portal available to authorized parents/guardians so that they can securely access student information about their children online.

    Blackboard Mass Notification
    Blackboard Mass Notification, formerly known as ParentLink, is a communications tool that leverages the Internet and Voice Over IP technology to enable the Great Neck Public Schools to contact thousands of high school students, staff members, and parents/guardians with important announcements in a variety of ways in a very short period of time.

    PTC Wizard
    Great Neck uses the PTCwizard Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduling system to enable elementary school parents to schedule parent-teacher conferences online. This page provides information and resources for users of the system.