• Support Services


    English as a New Language
    The ENL program at Lakeville provides instruction in the 4 language skill areas- listening, speaking, reading and writing- for children acquiring English as their new language.  From new arrivals, just beginning to learn, to advanced English language learners expanding their reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, the ENL program celebrates multiculturalism. Our ENL students hail from such countries as Guatemala, Israel, El Salvador, China, Korea, Bulgeria, Iran, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Peru.

    Math Lab
    Math Lab is a program designed to address students' needs in mathematics by providing additional support through individual and small group instruction. Math Lab students learn strategies to improve their understanding of mathematical concepts and to develop enthusiasm for problem solving.

    Occupational Therapy is a discipline which helps individuals achieve the skills needed for everyday living. In a school setting, qualifying students are provided with support most often in motor and perceptual skills, to facilitate academic success. An example may be to improve hand skills for legible handwriting and to manipulate food wrappers at lunch time.

    “When the student’s IEP identifies PT as a needed resource, physical therapists will be integrated as members of a multidisciplinary school team. Using their unique expertise in movement and function, PTs ensure a free and appropriate education for students with disabilities to prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living. The school-based PT promotes motor development and the student’s participation in everyday routines and activities that are a part of his or her program. The PT designs and performs therapeutic interventions … focusing on functional mobility and safe, efficient access and participation in educational activities and routines in natural learning environments."

    Source: PhysicalTherapyintheSchoolSystem.pdf (last updated: 10/14/16) at www.apta.org

    Children grow and change in many different ways. The school psychologists are  available to help parents, teachers, and children better understand and problem solve situations that arise. The psychologists can provide consultation, intervention strategies, and assessments to address social, emotional and educational needs.


    • In the Reading Center, we …
    • INSTRUCT based upon students’ unique experiences and learning styles.
    • INSTILL a love of literature.
    • INSPIRE students to become confident, independent readers, writers, and thinkers.

    Social Workers
    Lakeville School’s social work team works closely with students, families, teachers, and administrators on issues that impact children in order to promote student success.

    Communication is the process of exchanging information and ideas through verbal and nonverbal means and involves both a speaker and a listener. Our role at Lakeville School is to remediate communication problems within the educational environment. This requires the identification, assessment, evaluation and planning of intervention for students with speech, language and related impairments and disabilities.