• Special Areas

    This year, the following special areas will be taught in the classroom:

    We provide a safe and inviting environment where children can learn, experiment, create and grow. Art gives children an additional way to express themselves. Lakeville’s art program encourages creative problem solving and imaginative thinking. Teaching students art skills and techniques, in a wide variety of media, allows them to express an enormous range of subject matter and ideas in a relevant, personal way. Art education helps them develop skills to observe, interpret, and respond to the world around them. Our art studio provides a safe and inviting environment where children can learn, experiment, create, and grow.

    While our instrumental and choral programs are temporarily suspended, we have a robust music program that will engage students in the various aspects of music, including rhythm and theory.

    The Library program at Lakeville is designed to foster a lifelong love of reading as well as providing instruction in Information Literacy.  Students receive direct instruction every other week and have the opportunity to select e-books and audiobooks for check out via our online library database, SORA.

    The S.E.E.K. Program has been suspended for the 2020-2021 school year.

    The district-wide mission of the instructional technology program is to enhance and support instruction and learning with information and communications technology. In the elementary classroom, our goals are to create 21st century learners by helping each child communicate, collaborate, create, and demonstrate critical thinking while both consuming and producing digital content. Our hope is for students to be academically empowered, respectful and responsible with technology, and to utilize technology as a tool to be used for authentic learning.

    iPad initiative 1:1
    All 1st-5th graders are assigned iPads to use in school.  Parents and students are invited to attend a virtual information session. At the teacher’s discretion, iPads are occasionally sent home for homework.

    District iPad information