• Campus Parent Portal
    Creating a Parent Portal Account


    Households that do not have at least one parent portal account will receive messages with activation keys to the email addresses that we have on file. Each parent/guardian is given their own activation key to create their own parent portal account. 

    If you do not have an activation key and you have legal guardianship of a student attending the district, please email parentsupport@greatneck.k12.ny.us. Your email address must already be on file for us to be able to assist you. Otherwise, you will need to contact or visit the Office of Registration and Attendance to verify and update your personal contact information.



    1. Find the "Parents" menu and select the "Campus Parent Portal" link.


     District website navigation - parents menu


    2. On the Campus Parent Portal log in page, click the "New User?" link.


    Infinite Campus log in page


    3. Enter in the activation key that was provided to you and click the "Submit" button.


    Infinite Campus new user page 


    4. Create a username and password. When choosing a username, do not use spaces, quotes, or other special characters. Your password must meet the strength requirements to be accepted. Click "Submit" to continue.


    caution symbol Record your username and password in a secure location.
    If you forget your account information, you will need to use the "Forgot Password?" and "Forgot Username?" links on the log in page to reset your password or retrieve your username. You may experience delays during time sensitive events such as signing up for parent-teacher conferences or retrieving report cards.



    Infinite Campus account creation page


    5. Once your account has been created, click the "Back to Login" link.


    Infinite Campus account creation success page


    6. Enter in the username and password that you just created and click the "Log In" button.


    Infinite Campus log in page  


    7. The "Account Security Email" is the email address where password reset requests and username reminder requests will be sent to. Enter your personal email address in the first two boxes, then enter in your parent portal account password in the third box and click the "Save" button.


    Infinite Campus account security email page


    8. You should now be signed into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. The Message Center page will show you any announcements posted by the district or schools.

    Use the menu on the left to nagivate to other sections of the portal. If you do not see the menu, you can expand it by clicking the symbol with three lines (≡) in the upper left corner the screen.

    Be sure to explore the "More" section in the menu for transportation information, the Campus Backpack (prior school year report cards are archived here), assessments, and more. If you have more than one child enrolled in the district, you can select them from the menu located on the right side of certain pages.


    Infinite Campus parent portal message center page

    Infinite Campus portal student switcher menu