• Picture Days (Individual Portraits) Information


    Retake day is Friday, October 27th.


    Now that picture days are over, Island Photography will work their magic and prepare all the print packages that were purchased in advance and in person.  Thank you for all your support in purchasing a package, if you did.  Proofs and print packages have been mailed home to your home!  If you did not purchase a package in advance, you'll be able to make your selection and purchase online after receiving your proofs.  Details will be included in the mailing.  


    Note: Retake day is only for those that were absent or purchased a print package and need to retake it for any reason.  Students must come with the print package to return or an invitation to take their picture if they were absent on picture days.  It's not encouraged for students who did not order a print package. 


    ORDER ONLINE - Click here!

    Every student takes a photo which is used in our yearbook at the end of the school year.  While taking pictures are free, we encourage you to order picture packages to cherish for years to come.  We are excited to let you know that, all Picture Day proofs and packages will be available for you to view online and proofs will also be mailed home after picture day.



    Additionally, it's time to start ordering the 2024 Yearbook!  Early bird pricing is available! Save up to $25 off!  Yearbook sales and ads for 8th grade parents starts on Wednesday, September 6th. You can visit the yearbook webpage for more information! (Order center number is: 15908.) 

    If you have any questions, you're welcome to get in touch with our Yearbook Advisor, Danielle Larson who would be happy to assist you with any questions.


    Danielle Larson
    Yearbook Advisor


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who gets their Portrait taken?

    All students in all 3 grades get their individual portrait taken. All three grades are present in the yearbook. These photos are also uploaded to the District student management system.


    Can families submit their own photograph of their child?

    No, the portraits are set up in a section of the book and they need to be consistent in pose and background.


    What happens if my child is absent for photo day?

    There will be a retake day on October 27 for students to retake photos they are unhappy with and for students who were absent to have theirs done.


    Do I have to buy a package to have my child’s portrait taken?

    No purchase is required. We do want every child photographed so they are all in the yearbook.


    Can orders be made after a child sits for the photo?

    The online order center will be open after photo day to accept orders. Then it shuts down for processing. It is preferred that orders be made prior to photo day and that they be made online to eliminate the handling of paper at the school.


    Can orders be made after seeing the proof?

    Orders can be made after the proofs are mailed home (proofs are available to view online if you register your email).


    When does the yearbook go on sale?

    The yearbook order center run by our yearbook publisher, Herff Jones is scheduled to open and start accepting orders on September 6 for books and 8th grade Ads. More information will be shared after photo day. Yearbookordercenter.com Job # 15908


    What if I paid for a package but didn't receive it with the picture day envelope?

    Please contact Island Photography directly to inquire about missing print orders.  We don't have a way to check here at NMS. https://www.islandphoto.com/


    What happens if I didn't receive the proofs in the mail? 

    Prior to picture day, GNPS shared your child's name and mailing address with Island Photography.  It's possible that you chose to OPT OUT when completing the FERPA survey.  If this is the case, we were unable to share your child's name and mailing address with Island Photography.  Please contact Island Photography with your child's ID number to see if you can access the proof.  


    What happens if my child is absent for photo RETAKE day?

    You're welcome to make an appointment with Island Photography to have your child's picture taken in their studio in Port Washington.  Otherwise, your child will be listed as ‘camera shy’ in the portrait section of the yearbook. 


    Can orders be made after a child sits for the RETAKE photo?

    You're invited to call Island Photography directly to discuss purchase options. 


    Does a new package automatically get generated as a result of the RETAKE and is there an extra charge for the replacement package?

    If a package was purchased for a photo taken on the photo days in September and a RETAKE is done, a new package will be produced at no additional cost.


    If a retake is done, will it automatically be used in the yearbook?

    Yes, if a retake is done it will automatically be used in the yearbook unless contact is made with Mrs. Larson requesting that the photo taken on the original photo day be used.