General School Rules

  • Student Behavior Expectations/Code of Conduct

    All students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and civil manner, with proper regard for the rights and welfare of students, District personnel and other members of the school community, and for the care of District facilities, equipment and property. All students are to abide by the GNPS's Code of Conduct at all times. Along with the school district's Code of Conduct, all E.M. Baker students are expected to follow our Habits for Life. These habits are developmentally appropriate, easy to understand, and can be transferred and applied to all facets of life. Each morning, following the Pledge of Allegiance, all E.M. Baker students and staff recite the following:

    All Baker citizens have the right to live and learn in a safe and supportive community in which:

    • We take care of ourselves.
    • We take care of each other.
    • We take care of our environment.
    • We try our best and persevere.


    Electronic Devices

    In alignment with Great Neck School's BOE Policy 5695, the display and/or use by students of cellular phones and other personal electronic communication devices are prohibited during the school day in all elementary and middle schools.  For example (but not limited to) cell phones, Smart phones, Apple/Smart watches, personal handheld electronic devices, etc. Ideally, these devices should not be brought to school. If you deem it necessary for your child to have such a device, please remind your child they must keep it in their backpack and turned off during the day. Please be aware that the school will not devote any time to looking into prohibited school items that become lost, misplaced, and/or damaged.