Pre-K Seesaw Setup

  • What Operating Systems Does Seesaw Support?

    What are Home Learning Codes?

    Home Learning Codes (a 12-digit text code or QR code) allow students to sign in to the Seesaw CLASS app from home while protecting their privacy. This means students can add posts to their journal, respond to activities, view announcements, and comment on their own work. Students cannot see or comment on other students’ work without teacher approval.

Pre-K See Saw Logging In

  • Can multiple children use the same device with Home Learning Codes? Can I toggle between their accounts?

    When multiple children are using the same device for home learning, typically, each child has to log out of their account when they’re done. 
    HOWEVER, there is a workaround if students are working on a computer.

    1. Open Chrome and log in one child.  
    2. For the second child using Seesaw, go to File and select NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW.  Navigate to Seesaw and log in your second child.  Minimize the alternate window and toggle between the two as each child works on their own Seesaw account.
      Chrome browser with Incognito window

Pre-K See Saw Getting Started