Office of Technical Support Services - MiFi Hotspots

  • Instructions for using a GNPS issued MiFi Mobile Hotspot


    1. Ensure your GNPS-issued MiFi hotspot is fully charged by connecting it to a wall outlet using the provided power adapter and charging cable.
    2. Power the device on by holding the power button that is located around the rim of the device for about 8 seconds. You can let go of the power button when you see the word MiFi on the screen. The device will boot which takes about a minute.
    3. When the device is ready, you will see the home screen which will look similar to this:GNPS-MIFI
    4. Note the signal indicator in the top left of the screen. You will want to place the MiFi hotspot in an area of your home that gets the best signal. Usually near a window is best, but try different areas of your home as your signal strength may vary.
    5. On the home screen, tap on the Information Icon (i) where it says “Wi-Fi Name/Password”. This screen shows you the Wi-Fi information of your particular hotspot.
    6. Make note of the Primary Network Name (SSID) which is the name of the Wi-Fi network you will be connecting your device(s) to. It will look something like this: GNPS-MIFI-### (last 3 characters are numbers unique to your hotspot).
    7. Make note of the Password which will be used to connect your device(s) to the hotspot. It will be a set of 8 random letters and numbers.
    8. On the device you want to connect, go into Wi-Fi network settings and select the SSID obtained from step 7 and enter the password obtained from step 8. The password is case sensitive so be sure to enter the password exactly as it appears on the hotspot.
    9. When a device is connected, you will get an alert on the hotspot screen indicating that a Wi-Fi device has connected to the MiFi’s network. You may now use your MiFi-connected device to use the Internet. Any notices about days left in the cycle or data usage limitations or overages can be ignored.


    Troubleshooting Your GNPS-issued MiFi Mobile Hotspot

    In some cases, you may need to restart your MiFi Mobile Hotspot if you encounter an issue. The easiest way to do this is by holding the power button that is located around the rim of the device until the “Power Off” prompt comes up on the screen. Select the circle next to “Restart” and then tap “OK”. The device will restart.