• Great Neck Public Schools


    Technology & Connectivity

    School Reopening 2020-2021


  • Sufficient access to computing devices and high-speed internet are essential for educational equity. Regardless of whether in-person, remote, or hybrid models are utilized, schools will seek to provide students and teachers, for use in their places of residence, with access, to the extent practicable, to a computing device and consistent, reliable access to high-speed internet at a sufficient level to fully participate in remote/online learning via a hotspot.



  • All students in grades 3 through grade 12 are issued a district iPad as part of the Great Neck Public Schools 1:1 iPad initiative. The District has issued free GNPS WiFi Hotspots to those households without internet access to close the digital divide in our community.

    The District will ensure that students with limited or no accessibility to the Internet and/or a device remain engaged by providing devices and/or Internet service to families in need. To accomplish this, the District will undertake an assessment of technology readiness for remote learning targeting students in grades Pre-K through grade 2 through our school administrators, social workers, and classroom teachers. The District technology loan program of district-owned iPads, WiFi Hotspots, or both will be issued to identified families in need to address the digital divide in our community.

    The District offers all students, including the homeless, English as a New Language (ENL) and special education students, a plethora of educational technology, devices, educational websites, and online databases to support the unique needs of students in support of remote learning. The GNPS G Suite Applications include Google Classroom and Conferencing Solutions. In addition, the District provides access to an abundance of elementary and secondary-specific apps, websites, and online databases.