• Science Olympiad is a science and technology club where students test their skill and knowledge in 23 STEM events in specialties such as engineering, coding, technology, cartography, earth science, biology, forensics, physics, ornithology, astronomy, and environmental science.   For example, students prepare engineering devices such as the Ping-Pong Parachute. In this event students build a rocket that must launch into the air and then return an egg back to the ground unbroken (using a student made parachute system). Further students compete  in academic and lab events, such as Crime Busters where teams analyze forensics data and solve a crime. 

    During this season we are looking to return stronger, smarter and more competitive than ever. Our goal is to win the Nassau County Title and place in the top 5 at States. The Science Olympiad makes science a team sport as students  work towards a goal together. It makes science social as it is in the real world!  The experiences from the Science Olympiad could be the spark that allows students to become scientists and engineers to solve the biggest problems of the future! Try-outs will be held early in the fall!

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