• Welcome Incoming 6th Grade Students and Families

    Dear Parents/Guardians of Incoming 6th Grade Students:

    We are excited to welcome you and your child to our middle school family. The first step in this process is to develop your child's sixth-grade program. As a sixth-grade student, your child has the opportunity to begin the study of World Language and participate in a musical performance group (band, chorus or orchestra)*.

    We ask that you and your child complete a course selection form by February 16, 2024. Links to our program description, World Language welcome letter and course selection form are provided at the bottom of this page. Please note that you must use your child's GNPS Google account when logging in to complete the selection form. The course selection form can also be found on your child's 5th grade Google Classroom page. 

    We hope you will attend our Incoming 6th Grade Parent Orientation on the following date:

    North Middle School 6th Grade Parent Orientation

    Wednesday, February 28 at 7:00 pm

    North Middle School Auditorium

    In May, rising 6th grade students will visit North Middle School for an orientation. They will also have an opportunity to learn more when Dr. Cozine and their school counselor visit their elementary school for a question-and-answer session in June. 

    Feel free to speak with us if you need advice or clarification on selecting a course of study. If you need a paper copy of our sixth-grade program, please contact the North Middle School Counseling Center at (516) 441-4520.

    Warmest regards,

    Gerald Cozine, Ed. D., Principal

    Nancy Gunning, Assistant Principal

    Brendan Nelson, Assistant Principal


    Course Selection Form


    World Language Welcome Letter and Program Description 


    Sixth-Grade Program Description


     * Although many students begin World Language studies in sixth grade, children who have academic intervention needs may delay the study of a language until the eighth grade, when they will begin Spanish. This also may apply to participation in a performing group. You can read about sixth-grade programs by visiting our school website.