February 2, 2021

    Dear Parents/Guardians of 8th Grade Students:

    Today, school counselors from North High visited your child’s 8th grade English classes to begin the high school registration process. Throughout high school, your child will have many opportunities to take elective classes starting as early as next year. During today's presentation, your child was given information about high school courses including freshman electives.  The Freshman Elective Worksheet lists elective courses available to 9th grade students. Students will indicate their top 5 elective choices on a Google Form.   Links to both documents are as follows:

     North High School Freshman Elective Worksheet

    North High School Freshman Elective Google Form

    Please review the worksheet with your child as your approval is required.  Once selections are made, your child will need to submit the form by Friday, February 21, 2021.

    The North High School course catalog includes full course descriptions and can be found at:


    Our teachers are in the process of making course recommendations for high school placement. These recommendations will be finalized at the end of the year.  In an effort to better inform you of this process, requirements  requirements for Honors Placement in the North High School are as follows:

    Math: Placement in Geometry Honors requires a minimum course grade of 90% in Algebra I and a teacher recommendation.

    English: English 9 Honors is not offered as a separate course. Ninth grade students enrolled in an English 9 Regents class have the opportunity to pursue honors level study and credit by achievement. English 9 Regents teachers will explain the criteria for an English Honors designation early in the school year.

    Social Studies: Ninth grade students enrolled in a Social Studies 9 Global Regents class will be given the opportunity to earn honors credit within their Social Studies class. Social Studies 9 Regents teachers will explain the criteria for a Social Studies Honors designation early in the school year.

    Science: Eighth grade Algebra students will be considered for Physics 9 Honors placement at North High School. Placement in this course is dependent upon a student’s Quarter 1 and 2 combined average in Honors Algebra I and Earth Science in 8th grade, as well as teacher recommendations. Space in this course is limited, and so only a select number of students will be considered.

    North High also offers academic support programs.  Descriptions of these classes are as follows:

    Math: Students designated by their Math 8 teachers as needing additional instruction to master the concepts and skills of Algebra I will take Algebra I with a Lab, a course that provides an extra period of math on alternate days for support.

    Study Skills: The Study Skills Center offers students help in any subject in which they are struggling with an emphasis on reading comprehension of materials in all curriculum areas. Mini-lessons will be presented on a wide variety of instructional skills and strategies. The study skills course is designed to improve students’ reading comprehension, vocabulary, organization, test-taking, time management and study skills as well as to present those skills that are necessary for success in science, social studies and math classes. Eighth grade teachers will recommend students for placement in study skills based on their performance in eighth grade.

    FOCUS: The FOCUS Academy is a program designed to provide academic support to 9th grade students for whom learning in a large classroom setting is challenging. Students in the FOCUS program meet daily and receive support from content area teachers. A Study Skills teacher will also present mini-lessons on a wide variety of instructional skills and strategies. FOCUS Academy teachers employ pre-teaching and re-teaching strategies, as well as provide small group instruction. Eighth grade teachers will designate students for placement in FOCUS based on their performance in eighth grade. Parents of these students will receive a letter informing them of this designation.

    If you have any questions, please contact either the subject area teachers or your child’s school counselor, Dr. Tracey Segal at tsegal@greatneck.k12.ny.us or (516) 441-4521.

    We hope that you find this information useful.

    Best regards,

    Gerald Cozine, Ed. D.