Science Programs for High School Students

South High School STEM Clubs

  • AREA-C - Advisors - Abby Jo Brighton/Patrick Graham - This club raises awareness of environmental issues and participates in efforts that assist local animal shelters and community recycling programs.

    Astronomy Club - Advisor - Holly Cipriano - For students interested in delving into astronomy and environmental/earth sciences, causes of natural disasters, and anything to do with the Earth and beyond! Come all to check out the school telescope and to solve real-world problems dealing with the environment.

    National Science Bowl - Advisor - James Truglio - Participate in the annual Regional Science Bowl competition.

    Robotics - Advisors - Matthew Corrigan/John Motchkavitz - Students work throughout the year on building advanced robotic machines using CAD and other technical procedures. The team also competes annually in the US First Robotics Competition. Many scholarship opportunities are available to team members at universities throughout the U.S.

    Physics Club - Advisor - Nicole Spinelli This club was created to help prepare students for advanced problem solving, as well as to introduce students to basic principles of engineering. Members are encouraged to compete in the Physics Olympiad, Physics Bowl, and Physics Brawl, for which they are provided with materials and resources to assist in preparation. Additionally, there is a make-it component to the club in which members vote on what they would like to build.

    Science Olympiad - Advisors - Nicole Spinelli/James Truglio Participate in Science Olympiad competition.

    Aviation Club - Advisor-  Chris Cioffi - The Aviation Club will introduce students to the technology of aviation, the history of aviation, and the commerce of aviation. Students will explore and share their own experiences. This club is open to any student who has a passion for aviation.