World Languages Student Information

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  • Dear Students,

    Welcome to Great Neck North Middle School and to our ENL Family! You have come to a great, inclusive and supportive place. ENL means English as a New Language (formerly known as ESL or English as a Second Language).  So, if you see ENL or ESL, it means the same thing! 

    ​Our ENL teachers are Mr. Silva, Ms. Szuster, Ms. Wang and Ms. Ryder.  The World Languages and ENL Department Chairperson is Ms. Walsh.  We are all here to help you learn and develop your English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.  We will also teach you about American culture, as we learn from you about your unique culture!

    Learning a new language is a big challenge and we know it is difficult, but we are here to help you!  All of you will receive support from our ENL teachers.  It might be with an ENL Stand-alone class (a class just to help you learn English), a co-taught Integrated ENL English class (your English class will have both an English teacher and an ENL teacher to give you additional support) or through extra-help. 

    Our ENL team is also here to guide you with any questions you might have about North Middle School. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We know you will soon love Great Neck North Middle School as much as we do. We look forward to working with you!



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