Habits For Life

  • E.M. Baker School’s Habits for Life:

    An outgrowth of Baker’s Shared Decision Making (SDM) committee many years ago, the Habits for Life were created and quickly became the heart and soul of Baker’s school’s culture and climate. It consists of four simple statements (see below) that can be connected to everything a child experiences at Baker and in life. The “Habits” allow for a common language across all grade levels (K-5) and are frequently referred to during academic, social, and emotional learning, as well as student interactions. The entire Baker school community, comprised of staff and students recite the Habits for Life together each morning at the start of the school day. 

    Habits for Life poster

    What else does Baker do to support social and emotional learning?

    Regardless of teacher, grade level, or subject matter, students are consistently exposed to what’s known as a growth-mindset approach. Growth-mindset is about shifting from a fixed-mindset (example: “I can’t do it.”) to a growth-mindset (example: “I’ll be able to do it if I work harder.”). Children quickly realize that ability is not a predetermined trait. Growth-mindset reminds children to handle setbacks as learning opportunities, it fosters resilience and perseverance and helps to build a strong work ethic.