Grade 6 Health Education

  • Grade 6 outline 

    Health 6 is a “push in” through the flex period. The lessons are designed as an introduction to health and wellbeing. There are 5 lessons in the Fall semester and 6 lessons in the Spring semester. 



    • Day 1: This is an introduction to the class and class rules. 
    • Day 2: Using Brainpop, the Personal Hygiene story, the students will learn about Hygiene. It’s a short video that discusses cleanliness and hand washing.The lesson ends with prizes for answering questions.
    • Day 3: The students learn how to access emergency medical services. They understand what an emergency means and how to call 911. We then cover allergies, including anaphylaxis. All students are trained in EPI-Pen use. 
    • Day 4: Students will discuss and understand stress. A video called “We all have Mental Health” is used to discuss mental well-being. We All Have Mental Health We compare the two students in the video and discuss coping skills.
    • Day 5: We learn about Peer Pressure: Using skits (role plays), the students learn resistance skills. 




    • Day 1: There is a review on how/why to call 911. The students each practice “hands only” CPR compressions. The students watch a demonstration of the AED.
    • Day 2: The students assess stress and develop strategies for realistic coping skills.
    • Day 3: The students learn about tobacco, nicotine and ENDS. There are hands on supplies like an infected lung, a jar of full tar, a gigantic cigarette and a real juul. The students watch a short video on the damage smoking/vaping causes. 
    • Day 4: The students learn about caffeine, alcohol and other drugs. The students understand that drugs are classified by the effects on the body and mind. The lesson is designed to have the students read a story about “Al K. Hol”. Al is a young man who drinks alcohol and gets ill. 
    • Day 5: A choice board is used to encourage healthy eating practices at home. We discuss healthy food options. 
    • Day 6: This is a lesson on maturation. A video is used and discussion follows. Always Changing and Growing Up- Co Ed Puberty Education