• Physical Education Curriculum Overview

    The Physical Education program at Parkville School is child centered.  Lead - up games are used in every unit to increase the motor, cognitive, emotional and social development of each child.

    Children mature at various rates; therefore units are designed in a modified and adaptive way to meet the needs of each individual student. Instructional strategies are used to provide motivating, successful and positive experiences. Learners are challenged with techniques and motor skills to gain confidence in attempting new learning experiences through cooperative games, sports, gymnastics and fitness activities. During classes, each child is given an adequate amount of time practicing the skill and using the equipment. They practice in an open space to avoid injury and to ensure the safety of all students .

    Students are involved in various games and activities throughout the year. They include: soccer, football, volleyball, cooperative games, fitness, basketball, gymnastics, hockey, softball and track & field.


    • Non-manipulative:

      image of athletes in motion

      -jumping and landing



      image of kids playing sports

      -throwing (toss, roll, throw, shoot)
      -kicking and punting
      -striking with rackets
      -striking with long handled implements (golf, baseball, hockey)



      image of kids jumping