• Saddle Rock Homework Policy


    Why Homework is Assigned:

    • Reinforces and/or extends skills and content that have been taught in class

    • Prepares students for upcoming lessons and units

    • Helps students develop independence, responsibility, and effective study habits

    • Stimulates and fosters critical and creative thinking

    • Serves as a communication link between school and home

    • Helps teachers assess student learning


    Student Responsibilities

    • Students will understand that homework is an important part of their routine at home.

    • Students will set aside a time and place to complete homework.

    • Students will complete homework each evening and develop a system to make sure the assigned work is returned when due.

    • Work will be completed neatly and carefully.

    • If a student encounters difficulty with an assignment, he/she will seek help from an adult.


    Parent Responsibilities

    • Parents will provide a time, place and materials for their child to complete the homework.

    • Parents will monitor their child’s progress on assignments and review the assignments to be sure they are completed neatly and carefully.

    • Parents will offer assistance when their child is experiencing difficulty with homework assignments.

    • Parents will send a note if an assignment is especially difficult.


    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Teachers will assign homework Monday through Thursday.  

    • Teachers will check all homework in a timely fashion and provide feedback.

    • Teachers will review any areas of noted difficulty.

    • Teachers may assign long-term assignments such as projects and book reports periodically.