• Great Neck South High School 

    Special Education Department


    Mission Statement:

    As a special education department, it is our mission to prepare each student to be a contributing member of society and to participate successfully in our local, as well as the global community.  We direct students to achieve academic skills while at the same time facilitating their social and emotional development, to become lifelong learners.


    Our Philosophy:

    We educate our students in a school setting where everyone belongs and is accepted.  We attempt to educate students with special education needs in the least restrictive (inclusive education) environment.  Our primary goal is to integrate them into general education classes; however, we make modifications and provide supplementary aids and services to foster success.


    Special Education Faculty:

    • James Morrow - Department Chairperson
    • Joshua Baravarian
    • Christopher Beaujon
    • Christie Bruzzese
    • Kristen Campanelli
    • Michelle Fast
    • Tamara Fernandez
    • Bridget Forie
    • Jeanette Gatto
    • Peter Gottfried
    • Lynn Harkins
    • Amanda Kenigsberg
    • Susan McGuigan
    • Daniel Moriarty
    • Kelly Murphy
    • Dane Nordland
    • Heather Peretz
    • Nicholas Sepe
    • Jessica Skemer
    • Lisa Todisco
    • Catherine Turcios
    • Frank Will


    All faculty may be reached at 516-441-4856