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    Dear Staff Member:

    This electronic “mini manual” contains links to select policies from our full Board of Education Policy Manual. While we recognize that all policies of the Great Neck Board of Education serve a specific purpose, this “mini manual” contains those particular policies that the Board Policy Committee believes all staff members need to have read plus additional policies relevant to teachers and administrators. Board Policy Development (#2400) details for you how policy is both developed and adopted in our school district.

    Please read the policies in this manual and acknowledge that you have reviewed it by September 29, 2023 via your MyLearningPlan account, or for those without a MLP/OASYS account, by completing the sign-off sheet here. A complete and updated Board of Education Policy Manual is also available in each of our schools, as well as online at www.greatneck.k12.ny.us.

    As always, we thank you for your dedicated attention to our children and to the rules of governance that are applicable to the Great Neck Public Schools.


    Policy Committee
    Great Neck Board of Education


    Policies for ALL STAFF

Policies for ALL STAFF

  • Additional Policies for TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS

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