• Office of Transportation

    Bus Safety

    The Board of Education considers school bus safety its main objective in the area of pupil transportation. To further this objective, the Board of Education has approved additional safety measures that exceed those required by law. These include:


    • Equipping all buses with two-way radios, seat belts, and "stop" arms.
    • Inspecting all buses by trained members of the Transportation Office before the start of service in September and each month thereafter.
    • Providing energy absorption for all bus seats and stanchions to protect against exposed metal frames and bars. High seat backs offer "contained" protection.
    • Limiting bus speed to 35 mph on all local roads and 45 mph on major highways (except where reduced speeds are posted or there are existing hazards).
    • Complying with Article 19A of the Motor Vehicle Law, which sets standards for driver selection, periodic review, evaluation, and disqualification, and conducting more stringent review and evaluation.
    • Reporting an annual physical examination prior to the start of service for all drivers. Requiring three character references for all drivers.
    • Reviewing and approving a driving record abstract, obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, for all drivers.
    • Completing a basic school bus driver course, approved by the State Education Department, for all drivers, followed by refresher instruction in school bus safety practices twice each school year.
    • Having members of the Transportation Office periodically observe and evaluate each driver. An unsatisfactory rating in driving skills or failure to follow the safety precautions outlined in the district's specifications could result in the initiation of an action to dismiss a driver.
    • Having each school bus driver use a seat belt while transporting students.
    • Providing a program of random drug and alcohol testing of the drivers.
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