• Office of Registration and Attendance

    Moving Within or Out of the District

    Moving Within the District: For students who move within the school district, the parent or guardian MUST contact the Registration Office.

    • If homeowner, please provide one (1) of the following: Deed, Current Town or North Hempstead Tax Bill (if you need a copy, call 516-869-7800)

    • If renting with or without a lease, please provide the following:
      • Either a Signed Current lease with dates or (2) Notarized Residency Affidavits for Tenant and Owner Affidavits (provided by the district)
      • In addition to the Owner Affidavits, one (1) of the following in the property owner's name: Deed, Current Town or North Hempstead Tax Bill (If you need a copy, call 516-869-7800), Closing statement, Proprietary lease (for Co-op)


    • 2 Pieces of Current Official Mail (i.e. bank statements, credit card statements, insurance bills, cell phone bills, and utility bills, etc.) dated current or past month only.

    Moving Out of the District: Students who move out of the school district will be declared nonresidents and will be immediately disenrolled, with the following exceptions:

    1. Students who move out of the district after March 31 may be allowed, upon written request of the Office of Attendance and Registration, to complete that school year only, without payment of tuition, and will be disenrolled as of June 30.

    2. Students who have completed both tenth and eleventh grade in the district may, upon prior written request to the Office of Registration, attend twelfth grade in the district without payment of tuition provided they meet acceptable standards of conduct and scholarship. If all graduation requirements are not met within one year, this privilege will not be extended.


    • Student Residency Housing Questionnaire 

    School bus transportation will not be provided for students attending schools outside their attendance area except for handicapping conditions.

    If you have any questions about moving within or out of the district, please contact:

     James Gounaris
    District Registrar
    Great Neck Public Schools
    Phone: (516) 441-4080

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