Office of Instructional Technology - Elementary Technology Standards

  • The mission of our Instructional Technology program is to create an educational environment in every school that is strengthened and supported by information and communications technology. The goal of the elementary technology program is to develop student technology skills and integrate computers into the PreK-5 instructional process. An important component of our program is to teach students how to collaborate with peers and use technology in a responsible way to locate, evaluate and present information using multimedia tools and online resources.

    We are proud to provide our guidelines for computer instruction at the elementary level taking into account the changes that have occurred in technology over the years. We have adopted the technology standards that were developed by the International Society for Technology in Education so that our own program is consistent with, and externally validated by, a nationally recognized educational technology organization.

    Our technology standards are delivered to students through regularly scheduled computer instruction in fully-equipped and networked CICs as well as in classrooms. All third, fourth, and fifth grade students receive lessons in CICs on a weekly basis and are included in our 1:1 iPad Initiative (starts at Grade 4 at Lakeville), while all Kindergarten through second grade students are scheduled for modules in the CIC during the year and have access to classroom computers and shared laptop or iPad carts. Classroom teachers use these devices on a daily basis, collaborate with technology teachers to integrate computer activities into the curriculum, and also have an additional opportunity to sign up to use the CIC when available.

    Our Elementary Technology Standards not only guide our instructional practices but also drive our technology budget process and our technology professional development program. We recognize that a computer literate classroom teacher with successful strategies to integrate technology into the curriculum, with the proper support and training, is an essential component of an academically successful program and a school district of excellence. Towards that end, formal technology courses are offered to teachers during the summer, fall and spring semesters through our Inservice Institute and our Teacher Center. Informal workshops and tutorials are offered before, during, and after school by our Technology Staff Developers.

    The Great Neck Public Schools is committed to providing an innovative curriculum and a robust program that begins at the elementary level, advances to the secondary level, and blends traditional and digital learning to develop 21st Century Skills. Our students are well prepared to meet the academic challenges that lie ahead.

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