• STEAM integrates the arts with science and mathematics, infusing relevant and meaningful technology into instruction. STEAM activities take place throughout the building. In our Innovation Lab and Room 21, Baker's dedicated technology spaces, all students at Baker K-5 participate in STEAM activities.

    Our STEAM activities foster collaboration, encouraging students to keep an open-minded approach as they collaborate with other learners in the group, and consider other perspectives. Students think critically, collaborate with peers, and communicate their solutions.

    STEAM activities at Baker foster resiliency as students engage in problem-solving activities requiring trial and error to improve solutions through iterative processes. Students are taught design processes for generating ideas, testing theories, and creating prototypes as they solve authentic problems.

    Creativity and imagination are at the core of STEAM's hands-on activities. As students design, construct, and evaluate solutions to given problems, students are encouraged to think outside the box, while generating solutions. 

    These hands-on learning experiences encourage students to experiment, persevere, and work through the creative process.