Special Education Classes/Programs @ SMS

Team Teaching

Co-teaching models
  • Team Teaching classes are general education classes that have one special education teacher and one general education teacher where no more than 50% of the students in the class have IEPs.

Small Classes 12:1:1

  • Small Special Education classes have a maximum of 12 students with one special education teacher and one teaching assistant. Students work on grade level standards and curriculum. Classes are interactive and engaging. These classes are able to scaffold material and break down tasks as well as accommodate all students according to the needs as stated in their IEPs. 

EXCEL Program

  • The EXCEL program is a specialized small class program. This program starts in 7th grade and has a maximum of 12 students in each class, with one special education teacher and one teaching assistant. Students in these classes work with a Positive Behavior Supports point system where they earn points based on classroom behavior and work habits. Students may need academic or social support to be successful in school. There is an alternate day Skills class and alternate day programmatic group counseling. The EXCEL program works with Great Neck's Outdoor Education Coordinator to go on monthly trips to exciting locations in Long Island, as well as earned reward trips like rock climbing and the movie theater. Students work on team building and social/emotional growth during the trips and learn how to interact in society such as in restaurants and retail stores. 

  • Skills Class/Resource Room


    • Skills Class 12:1 - Students receive support in academics and organization in a group of 12 with one special education teacher. This can be a daily or alternate day class. 


    • Resource Room 5:1 - Students with weaknesses in executive functioning receive daily small group instruction with up to five students and one special education teacher.