Welcome to SEEK

  • The SEEK Program provides advanced, extended instruction for students who meet the criteria of the program, and who perform consistently above grade level.  SEEK fosters critical and creative thinking in an inquiry-based/project-based learning environment.  Students engage in rigorous challenges beyond the regular classroom curricula and participate in activities, projects, and assignments. Three separate modules are offered for grades three through five: Literacy, Mathematics, and Innovations. 

    Identification of SEEK students begins in third grade and is based on multiple criteria. At the start of each school year, all students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are assessed through several local and standardized assessments in ELA and math. Each year, children are reassessed to determine whether SEEK services are required.

    SEEK teachers work closely with classroom teachers in a variety of ways to provide professional development for differentiated instruction resulting in enriched curricula for all students.


    Teachers: Adrienne Hoshino and Lisa Malfi