• How do I find a book in the library? Is this book in? Do you have this book?

    Under the student tab of the district website you will see LIBRARY CATALOG.  Please check there.   If the book is available it will be shelved by call number for non fiction and by authors last name for fiction.  Here is the link to the catalog. When you go to the catalogue please know that you can log in (use your school computer id and password). This will enable you to save searches  Also become a power user of our catalog and login using your computer user id and password. This enables you to reserve books and save searches.


    What is the makerspace? 

    Our makerspace is a place where students can go to be creative in different ways. We have legos, jigsaw puzzles, a 3D printer, coding robots among other cool things.  If what you want to use is not out or we don't have it ask any library staff and we will do our best to get it.

    Do you have this book digitally/on audio?

    Good news!  We have a growing e-book collection on your school issued iPad.  We have a library on both the Kindle app and the Nook app. If you are not logged in to those apps please see one of the library staff and we will log you in. We have also added to Sora app which connects to overdrive. We willbe growing a digital collection there as well.

    We also have a school Audible account for audio books. In order to log in you will need to see a library staff member.

    Can you order this book?

    If you provide the name and title we will do out best to order the book.  If you need a physical copy this will take a few weeks. If a digital copy is available we might be able to get it for you right away on the reading apps on your iPad. Speak to a staff member.

    What is the user domain for student e-mail?

    Your student e-mail is your first initial followed by your last name followed by a number.  The domain is @student.gn.k12.ny.us

    How do I print?

    To print you do the following:
    1.  Print from your computer as usual.  YOU must be logged on. If you are not logged in you will not be able to print.
    2.  Go to the Konica/Minolta (copy machine)
    3.  Use the keyboard to log in to the printer.  The login is the same as your computer log in.
    4.  Click where it says follow you printing on the touchscreen.
    5. Select your job and press the blue button on the bottom.
    6. Log off by pressing the access button twice (middle right side).

    NOTE:  Please respect the library rules and your classmates and limit your printing to 5 pages.  This is to ensure that materials will be available for everyone throughout the entire year.

    Can I eat/drink in the library?

    In order to preserve our materials we ask that nobody eat or drink in the library.  We ask that all drinks be left in the front of the library or in your bag.  If you have any questions please see one of the staff.

    How do I make a copy?

    1. Log in to the printer (Use your computer log in).
    2. Place your page on the top left (as you face the machine) part of the glass.
    3. Press the blue button.

    Where can I charge my iPad/Phone?


    The library has chargers on a number of the tables. If you have a free period you can sit and charge your iPad. Otherwise please go to the department office of the class you are in and ask them for a charger.

    The library currently has a charging station located right next to the copy machine and one located near the doors.. You can charge your device there. Please note the library is NOT responsible for any devices left in the charging station.

    How do I e-mail my teacher?

    Your teacher's e-mail address is the first letter of their first name followed by their last name.  The domain is @greatneck.k12.ny.us  (ie. eflood@greatneck.k12.ny.us)

     I forgot my iPad. Can I borrow one from the library?

    Board fo Education Policy is one iPad per student. Therefore we cannot lend an iPad to a student who already has one.

    How long can I take a book out for?

    The standard checkout time is 2 weeks. Books can be taken out longer if you ask.  In addition most books can be renewed. When a book becomes overdue we charge a $.05 fine per day.  In order to make sure that test review materials are available for everyone we limit then to overnight checkout.

    Why is the library "Silent Library" on some days?

    Sometimes students are taking tests in the library classroom and we ask out of respect for them that the library be silent so they can concentrate.  During finals and Regents we will ask the library be silent so that students who need to study and concentrate can do so.

    How do I use Google Classroom?

    This Google Classroom Student View - Basic Intro should help you get started.