• Introductory Courses
    Software has become an integral part of education and society over the past decade. From word processing to cell phone applications, the demand for programmers grows each and every day. This course serves as a platform for students to take an introductory look at how software is developed and to become familiar with a welcoming and user-friendly coding language, Visual Basic. Students will explore the beginning aspects of how to read and write code, documentation, debugging, and working in teams to accomplish a common goal. The course culminates in a final project where students will use everything they learned over the course of the semesters to create an educational piece of software from scratch(Jeopardy, flashcards, etc.). No previous programming experience or computer skills are required. 

    1/2 unit of credit

    Prerequisite: None
    The primary language in use today is Java, developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is the backbone of everything you see today, from applications to video games. In this course, we will study the beginning elements required to successfully understand and use Java. Students will be introduced to more conceptual elements such as object-oriented programming, algorithm development, and class hierarchies. 

    1/2 unit of credit  
    Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science 1