• Advanced Placement Courses
    AP Computer Science Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, encryption and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles also gives students the opportunity to use current technologies to create computational artifacts for both self-expression and problem solving. Together, these aspects of the course make up a rigorous and rich curriculum that aims to broaden participation in computer science. In April, students will submit a long-term project/portfolio to the College Board that is part of their AP Exam grade. In May, students will take the written portion of the AP Exam.  
    1 unit of credit 

    Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra 1, open to 10-12th graders. 
    AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A (2023-2024)
    What is the most efficient way to sort a list of ten thousand names in the shortest amount of time? How can we continue to maintain a programs life span without excessive use of reusing code? These are the types of complicated yet intriguing questions that will be answered in AP Computer Science. This course takes students deep into the infrastructure of the Java language, including memory efficiency, searching and sorting, data structures, and polymorphism. In May, students will take the AP Exam. 

    1 unit of credit

    Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra 2, Introduction to Computer Science I, Introduction to Computer Science II, teacher recommendation, open to 11th-12th graders.