• Genres

  • Fiction

      All fiction books are made up by the author. He/She uses his/her imagination to create a fiction story. Fiction books have characters and illustrations.

    Fantasy Fiction:  Fantasy Fiction books contain events that could never happen in real life.

    Historical Fiction:  Historical Fiction books take place in the past and the reader learns something about the time period the book is set in.  These stories often include real people, places, and events from the past.

    Mystery Fiction:  Mystery Fiction books have characteristics that include clues, a problem/crime to solve, a victim, suspects, clues, an eyewitness, and a crime scene.  A character who acts as a detective tries to solve the mystery.

    Realistic Fiction:  Realistic Fiction books have events that could happen in real life.  These books deal with real life problems in real life settings.

    Science Fiction:  Science Fiction books often take place in the future and may include aliens, space travel, and other unusual events.  They contain events that do not happen in real life.


    Non-Fiction books are true, factual books.  They give us information and teach us something.  Non-Fiction books usually have a table of contents and an index to help us find specific information quickly.  Non-fiction books often have real photographs. Topics such as animals, space, history, geography, and art can be found in the non-fiction section.