• Great Neck Public Schools
    Inservice Institute

    Inservice Institute Committee Members

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    GNTA Representatives
    Norine Nagle, Chairperson, North Middle
    Elane Brendel, North Middle
    Agnieszka Dynda, J.F. Kennedy
    Jennifer Greenspoon, E.M. Baker
    Katie Mugno, Saddle Rock
    Anthony Virgillio, South/North High

    Office Staff Association Representative
    Liz Malone, Phipps

    Per Diem Chapter Representative
    Michael Golden

    SAGES Representatives
    Justin Lander, Phipps
    Christopher Gitz, South High
    Heather Sweet-Lazos, E.M. Baker

    Joanne Abbriano

    Superintendent's Designees
    Kelly Newman, Phipps
    Jennifer Kirby, Phipps

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