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    Books for Children

    These books can be found in the Great Neck Public School Library System:

    • Cody: The Allergic Cow
    • A Day at the Playground
    • Explaining Food Allergies
    • Horace and Moris Say Cheese
    • No Lobster, Please: A story of a Child with a Severe Seafood Allergy
    • No Nuts For Nutty
    • One of the Gang
    • The Peanut Butter Jam
    • The Peanut-Free Cafe
    • The Princess and the Peanut Allergy
    • Zoo Allergy

    Books for Young Adults

    • "Allergies" by Edward Edelson
    • "Allergies" by Judy Monroe
    • "Allergies" by Sara L. Latta
    • "Allergies" by Alvin Silverstein and Virginia B. Silverstein
    • "Allergies A-Z" by Myron A. Lipkowitz, Tova Navarra
    • "Living with Allergies" by T. White, MD.

    For additional books, visit the Great Neck Library.

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