1. Check the calendar to see what dates are available.
    2. Sign up for Bake Sales via Google Form. See link here --> Bake Sale Request Form
    3. You can only sign up for ONE bake sale date at a time. DO NOT request multiple dates.
    4. Club advisors MUST email Mrs. Healy or Ms. Silk to sign up for a bake sale. Student requests WILL NOT be accepted.
    5. Bake sales run from periods 1- 7 in the Little Theater.
    6. Bake sales must have appropriate supervision for each period that is open. No more than 3 students can sit per period. You cannot miss class to work the bake sale. If there is a period in which no one can sit, the bake sale will be shut down!
    7. Bake sales must sell at least one healthy alternative (low calorie, fruit). Pretzels do not count! If you do not have a healthy choice, your bake sale will be shut down.
    8. All items must be individually wrapped and ingredients MUST be listed if it is homemade.
    9. No soda!
    10. Hot beverages can be sold with approval from Mr. Levine.
    11. You MUST clean up after your bake sale. If not, you will not be allowed to have another bake sale.
    12. Advisors must handle ALL money and deposits.