• The AP European History course is a college-level course designed for 12th graders who read and write at a level of freshmen attending selective universities, who work well independently, who have fully developed study skills and who enjoy intellectual discussions in the pursuit of knowledge. The curriculum focuses on the following themes: political, intellectual, cultural, social and economic patters in the studies of seven countries over a span of five hundred years. 

    Students will develop an appreciation for the art, literature and philosophical contributions made by those who created our Western heritage.

    Students will participate in research seminars in Economics and take Politics and Government through an independent student-based project based on community service or research projects.

    In May, all students will prepare for and take the AP exam in European History.

    1 Unit of Credit

    Prerequisite: Social Studies 11 or AP American History and Department recommendation. Those not receiving the department recommendation will be required to follow the self-selection procedure.