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  • The goal of science education is to prepare students to be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.  The North High School science curriculum provides students with the foundations to understand the inner workings of this world using scientific processes and concepts from all fields of endeavor: earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics. This multi-disciplinary approach, based on the Next Generation Science Standards, promotes curiosity and builds content knowledge along with core science practices to develop scientifically literate citizens.

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  • "Be the change that you wish to see in the world.​"


     Mahatma Gandhi

Notable Science Articles

  • The Perseverance Mars Rover

    The Perseverance Mars Rover

    Another robot has landed on Mars. See details from pre-launch here on earth to post landing where the robot is beaming information back to earth and examining the Martian planet in new and exciting ways.

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  • One reason students aren’t prepared for STEM careers? No physics in high school

    One reason students aren’t prepared for STEM careers? No physics in high school

    Students in Rosa Sarita’s physics class were working in groups, dragging weighted blocks of wood over different types of surfaces, measuring friction in newtons. These students, all ninth-graders at Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, New Jersey, were seeing that sandpaper creates more friction than a plain wooden surface and using an equation to find out exactly how much more.

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  • Physics Teaching Careers

    Physics Teaching Careers

    When most students think about careers, they tend to first focus on salary. When most Americans think about teaching careers, they think “low salary”, largely because of a media image that has been reinforced by professional teachers associations. In fact, high school physics teachers in the Northeast and in many other parts of the country have total compensation packages that provide a very comfortable standard of living. And when you look beyond salary, high school teaching careers have a lot offer. Let’s go through our “Choosing a Career" list and see how high school teaching careers stack up.

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