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  • 2021 Physics Bowl Champions

  • Freshman World Cup 2021 Winner Circle

    The Freshman World Cup Winners 2021

    1st Place - Rena Geula and Alexa Schwartz

    2nd Place - Melvin Thu and Lillian Wu

    3rd Place - Molly Nasiri and Catherine Chang 

    4th Place - Saia Kalash and Zoe Paisner

    4th Place - Angie Tso and Stephany Barbu

    Most Passionate Speakers - Noah Scheidt and Ethan Dayani

Science Videos

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    Project Humpty Dumpty - J.L.M. Physics 9 Students

    Project Humpty Dumpty

    Students worked in small groups designing and building an apparatus that would protect an egg that fell from a second story and collided with the ground (asphalt). This video shows the impact.

    Author: J.L.M. Physics 9 Students   
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    How To Prepare For A Test - Liel Ezroni

    How To Prepare For A Test

    This video was created and produced by a physics 9 student. It describes several strategies that can help a student be successful in the course. Although as stated these strategies can help a student be successful in any class that has graded quizzes or exams.

    Author: Liel Ezroni   
    Length: 3 min
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    AP Physics 1 - Yujie Zhou

    AP Physics 1

    An AP Physics 1 student put together this AP Physics 1 pump video at the end of the year.

    Author: Yujie Zhou   
    Length: 1 min
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    Mr. Appell The Gummy Bear Experiment -

    Mr. Appell The Gummy Bear Experiment

    Mr. Appell demonstrates a very exothermic reaction that can be related to chemistry and biology course work.

    Length: 3.5 minutes
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    Cool Chemistry - JLM Great Neck North High School TV North

    Cool Chemistry

    Here is a video showing some of the interesting things that take place in our chemistry classrooms.

    Author: JLM Great Neck North High School TV North   
    Length: 8 minutes
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    Projectile Motion in Sports - Zach Transport

    Projectile Motion in Sports

    This video was produced by one of our talented students while completing regents physics. There are several simplifications and details that would be important in a high-level physics discussion but this is appropriate for the regent's physics curriculum and a very well done production.

    Author: Zach Transport   
    Length: 4 minutes
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