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    E-Mail FAQs for WebMail


    Why do I see "Contacts" and/or "Notes" entered on my personal smartphone or tablet in my GNPS account?

    When you connect a smartphone or tablet to your GNPS account, you are given the option to sync mail, contacts, calendar, notes, etc. You control the preferences on your device as to which items to sync and where to store new items. Because mobile devices are often capable of being connected to numerous accounts and have built in repositories for contacts, notes, and calendar items, you should be mindful of where the items you enter are being stored. You can choose another location (like on the device or in another account) or turn off the syncing of notes and other items based on your personal preference. Nothing has changed with the new system but because the old system only showed the GNPS contacts by default, most users did not notice personal contacts stored in their GNPS mailboxes when using Webmail.

    How can I tell if a message item is read or unread?

    There will be a blue line to the left of unread messages and the subject line will be blue. Please note the color may vary from blue if you've chosen a different theme.

    I can't find the Save button or another button.

    Many screens have other options listed when you click on the symbol that looks like three dots "..."

    How can I delete something?

    While the item or items are highlighted, you can either hit the delete key on your keyboard (be sure to use forward-delete on Macs with two delete keys), right click (or control click for Mac) and choose delete, or click the "..." and choose delete.

    How can I print something?

    While the item is highlighted, click the "..." and choose print. Avoid using your web browser's print buttons.

    How do I move or save an item to another folder?

    You can drag and drop items between folders or right click and select "Move".

    Why don't things open in a new window?

    The New Message interface has a button that looks like two square windows that can be used to open the composer in a new window. For other items, you can double click or click the "..." and select "Open in a separate window".

    How can I turn off conversation view?

    Click on where it says "Conversations by Date" and choose off under conversations. If conversation view is already off, it will say Items by {sort choice}... Conversation view is a per folder setting so you may want to turn it off for each of your commonly used folders.

    Can I download more than one attachment at once?

    You must download attachments one at a time.

    Where can I locate the Contacts button now? How do I create new contacts and groups?

    There is a link on the top right called "People". Here, you will see all GNPS and any individual contacts and groups. Hit the "New" button to create new contacts or groups.

    How can I determine my mailbox's size?

    Your mailbox size is listed under Settings > Options > Account. Unfortunately, individual folder sizes are not shown.

    Why are there sometimes delays in receiving mail?

    Our SPAM filter uses auto whitelisting and greylisting to prevent against SPAM messages. When you send to or reply to a new address, that new address is automatically added to a whitelist. When the whitelisted party sends to you, the message will then go directly and immediately to your inbox. The SPAM filter assumes the sender is safe because you took the initiative to send to their address. Greylisting applies to any address that has not been whitelisted and causes a delay in message delivery. This delay prevents spammers from delivering messages to our organization but will cause you to receive mail from a sender who you have never sent to later than it was sent.

    Where are the All-Staff Groups for sending messages to all building staff members?

    When you hit the "To" button while composing a new message, it will bring up a window with a ">>" symbol on the left side. This will expand the building distribution groups and address lists. The "All-Staff-Groups" container contains the groups for sending to all staff members at once. If you'd like to choose a subset of individual users in your building, the "List of Users - [Building]" can be used. If using autocomplete, be sure to use the new All-Staff-Groups and not the old (the new groups have -Group at the end of the name). All-Staff Groups are provided for each school, and for the district, to facilitate professional communication and to promote collaboration when the topic is applicable to the vast majority of recipients. Please be selective when choosing this option so that users are not inundated with unsolicited e-mail that is not applicable to them. All-Staff Groups are not to be used as an electronic marketplace, applied to personal endeavors, or co-opted for political causes.

    How can I remove an autocomplete entry for a contact or group? Autocomplete entries appear for contacts and groups you have previously sent to when you begin typing in an address field.

    Begin by typing the first few letters of the autocomplete entry you are trying to remove. Autocomplete entries will appear and you can use the arrow keys to select the particular one you wish to remove. Once selected, hit the delete key on the keyboard (be sure to use forward-delete on Macs with two delete keys).

    Will anything be automatically deleted from my mailbox over time?

    The "Drafts" and "Deleted Items" folders have 14 day retention policies. Any items left in either of those folders for more than 14 days will be automatically purged. Once purged, the items cannot be recovered. If you need to work on a draft message for more than two weeks, you can drag that message to any other folder to avoid deletion as all other folders are unaffected by these retention policies.

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