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    E-Mail Smartphone/Tablet Configuration


    To connect a smartphone or tablet to the GNPS Email Server, navigate to the location where you would add an email account on your device (usually under settings and accounts or mail). Choose "Add Account" and use either Exchange, Microsoft Exchange, Corporate, Corporatesync, or Activesync when asked for the account type. Do not choose POP or IMAP. If none of these options are available, your device is likely not compatible.

    Below are the settings you will need:

    Email Address:
    Enter your full GNPS email address.

    Enter the password you use to log into GNPS Webmail and/or Infinite Campus.

    This is a friendly name so you can identify the account. "GNPS" is a good value to use.



    User Name:
    Enter the user name you use to log into GNPS Webmail and/or Infinite Campus.

    Enter 443 if asked for a port.

    Security Type:
    Enter SSL/TLS if asked for a security type.

    Client Certificate:
    Enter None if asked for a client certificate.

    You can choose what you would like to sync on your device (mail, contacts, calendar, notes, etc.). Because mobile devices are often capable of being connected to numerous accounts and have built in repositories for contacts, notes, and calendar items, you should be mindful of where the new items you enter are being stored. You can choose another location (like on the device or in another account) or turn off the syncing of notes and other items based on your personal preference.

    Any time your Active Directory password is changed, you will need to update the password that is stored in your device to be consistent with the new password.

    We will not be able to provide support for personal devices. The necessary information to connect has been supplied above but if you need help with your device, you must contact your mobile phone service provider or device manufacturer.


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