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    Saddle Rock/South High eBook Project

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    During the spring of 2016, 25 fourth- and fifth-grade budding authors at Saddle Rock School worked collaboratively with student artists at South High School to produce joyful picture eBooks as part of our 1:1 iPad Initiative, samples of which are posted below.

    In preparation for the project, Saddle Rock students studied components of picture books, including language repetition, design, structure, story elements, problems/solutions, and character development. Melissa Diamond, Saddle Rock enrichment teacher, who originated the book project, said that she has been doing this project for several years, using the school's fifth-graders as book illustrators. "This year," she said, "in order to simulate a real-world author/illustrator relationship, I contacted South High to enlist their art students."

    At South High, 37 student artists in Studio Art II and Advanced Studio Art read the manuscripts and created illustrations for the picture books, bringing them to life. South High Art Department Head Karen Cuchel said, "Illustrating someone else's story worked perfectly with the Studio Art curriculum as students thought about the power of images to reinforce a text and also tell a story of their own."

    When the project was completed, Saddle Rock authors joined the South High artists in a celebratory gathering in the South High Library. Artwork was on display and some Saddle Rock students read their stories aloud. In addition, Saddle Rock students asked questions of the South High students and learned about the illustration process.

    At Saddle Rock, the project was under the guidance of Ms. Diamond and Nicole Alexander, technology staff developer. At South High, Ms. Cuchel and Katherine Saltoun, art teacher, oversaw their artists.


    Image of A Basketball Problem
    Author: Matthew Schlomo
    Illustrator: Silvia Chook

    Image of A Case of the Smalls
    A Case of the Smalls
    Author: Alexa Schwartz
    Illustrator: Amanda Shen
    Cover: Elizabeth Smith
    Image of Along for the Ride
    Along for the Ride
    Author: William Pyun
    Illustrator: Ava Chen
    Illustrator: Irene Park
    Image of A Tale From The City
    A Tale from the City
    Author: Ciaran Palma
    Illustrator:Rui Hua Jing
    Illustrator: Linshuang Yuan
    Image of A Trip to Trouble
    A "Trip" to Trouble
    Author: Gabby Feder

    Image of Audrey's Birthday
    Audrey's Birthday
    Author: Renee Lam
    Illustrator: Joe Eun Kang

    Image of Fuyu the Wise
    Fuyu the Wise
    Author: Jessica Xu
    Illustrator: Mari Bijimenian
    Image of I am the Ruler
    I am the Ruler 
    Author: Allison Lee
    Illustrator: Rachel Moss
    Image of Max
    Author: Patrick
    Illustrator: Gabriella
    Image of Noah's Visit to the City
    Noah's Visit to the City
    Author: Zachary Hyman
    Illustrator: Anthony Sokolov
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