• Academic and Career Education IB

    A.C.E. IB is a full-day program, based on the principles and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Skills are systematically taught and practiced using various techniques and strategies including, but not limited to, chaining, shaping, task analysis, natural environment teaching, environmental supports, visual cues, social stories, video modeling, and assistive technology. 
    Reinforcement strategies are implemented to increase on-task behaviors, communication, social skills, functional academics, recreation/leisure skills,
    self-regulation, and adaptive living skills.  Skills are targeted through the use of a variety of instructional formats:  one-to-one instruction, small group instruction, student-initiated interactions, teacher-directed interactions, and peer-mediated instruction based on the skill to be taught and the individual needs of the student.

    The curriculum is aligned with the New York State Core Curriculum, the New York Alternate Assessment Frameworks, and the New York State Standards.  It focuses on maximizing independent functioning in home, school, vocational, and community settings.  Emphasis is placed on the development of a functional communication system for all students, the development of social interaction skills with adults and peers for a range of occasions and environments, and on the maintenance and generalization of learned skills to more complex environments.

    This multidisciplinary approach includes ongoing coordination with related service providers and provides multiple opportunities for practicing skills identified on each student’s IEP, focusing on basic skills before more complex skills.    

    Students in this program exhibit difficulty in generalizing skills and, therefore, the community and vocational piece of the program is an integral part of the students' day.  Students participate in weekly trips into the community as well as vocational sites outside of the school environment.