• Academic and Career Education IC

    The ACE IC program is dedicated to providing practical life skill goals as well as educational opportunities and quality services to students who reside in the Great Neck School District.  The philosophy of this program is to promote students' strengths as individuals and to prepare them for everyday life.
    The following are examples of life skill goals we target:

    • Improving practical/functional skills in math, reading and writing
    • Building self-esteem and confidence
    • Preparing for real-life situations that address career interests
    • Developing work experience to prepare for future employment
    • Honing interpersonal communication skills
    • Expanding daily living skills such as money management, travel, personal health, hygiene, nutrition, time management, and technolo

    In addition to the usual academics of social studies, English, math and science, we devote two full periods per day to "Career Exploration" and "Activities of Daily Living."  We use this time for pre-vocational and vocational exploration inside and outside of the classroom as well as functional daily living skills such as wellness and travel training. We provide interest inventory surveys to match each student’s interests with possible job placements.  The afternoon curriculum is devoted to community relations as well as working in the field two days per week at retail stores such as Party City and TJ Maxx.  As opportunities arise within the community, we match up sites with students' skills and choices.  A major part of the program is developing interpersonal relationships with fellow peers.   Each student will participate in a work-study program as he/she enters high school. Each student will become an employee of the ACE Program's in-school "Snack Shack."  This incorporates on-site training with supervision.  The Snack Shack acts as a foundation for future employment as well as a form of assessment for future opportunities.

    This program provides students with the opportunity to develop their potential to the fullest extent.  These students will achieve multiple levels of success that might have been denied in the past.  Each student will maximize their learning potential in a comfortable, safe location while developing the necessary skills to achieve success in the real world.