Elective Courses Offered:


    All elective courses will be announced in October of each school year.


    Citizenship Preparation

    Individuals interested in preparing for the new American Citizenship Examination will benefit from this course. While studying US history and government (local, state, and national), participants will explore the rights and responsibilities of living in the US. This course provides instruction via computer-assisted learning, videotapes, audiotapes, and group discussion. Students need a basic understanding of written and spoken English.



    FAST TRACK preparation is designed to help testers maximize their scores on the TASC examination.

    The objectives of the classes are to:

    • Connect more walk-in examinees who did not pass the TASCTM test with HSE preparation programs.
    • Build short-term intensive instructional opportunities for:
      • a) students who have struggled to pass the TASCTM Readiness Assessment (TRA), and
      • b) examinees who score between 400-499 on TASCTM subtests.
    • Significantly raise TASCTM Mathematics subtest pass rates across the State.
    • Significantly increase the effectiveness of HSE preparation throughout the State.

    FAST TRACK preparation program will work directly with HSE test centers to ensure T-TAF forms are received for their referred students who are applying for TASC test dates.


    Alternative High School Equivalency Program (AHSEP)

    The Alternative High School Equivalency Program allows high school students between the ages of 16-20, still enrolled in a local high school, the opportunity to obtain their High School Equivalency Diploma. AHSEP is intended to serve students under the age of 21 who, under other circumstances, would be served by a regular high school program.





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