Elective Courses Offered:


    All elective courses will be announced in October of each school year.


    The Art of Conversation
    Enjoy a lively hour of conversation while making new friends and sharing experiences.   Join us once or twice a week to improve your English speaking skills and learn about other cultures.  Have fun reading inspirational stories, discussing current events, playing verbal games and listening to student presentations.  Students must possess a basic knowledge of written and spoken English before enrolling.


    Book Club
    Book club groups are an enjoyable way to expand your reading horizons.  You will be reading different types of literature that you might not otherwise have chosen, participating in group discussions, and making a commitment to reading. Our informal environment develops the feeling of belonging to a group as your ideas are shared and respected.  Other viewpoints will contribute to increased knowledge of the world around you.  Make reading a social, as well as an educational experience.  It’s an opportunity to see literature in a new way!


    Citizenship Preparation
    Individuals interested in preparing for the new American Citizenship Examination will benefit from this course. While studying US history and government (local, state, and national), participants will explore the rights and responsibilities of living in the US. This course provides instruction via computer-assisted learning, videotapes, audiotapes, and group discussion. Students need a basic understanding of written and spoken English.


    Crossroads Café
    A Conversation Workshop Crossroads Café is an innovative English as a Second Language program designed to enable students to improve their English skills quickly.  Participants meet as a group to view and discuss a video from the Crossroads Café series: the story of six people whose lives intersect at a neighborhood restaurant, Crossroads Café. An additional materials fee will be required to cover the cost of workbooks and DVD.


    Computer Classes
    If you think computers are too confusing or just plain scary, come to this 60-minute hands-on class. You will test drive the mouse and experiment with all the keys on the keyboard. Take the fear out of it and have fun learning the very basics of today’s computers.




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