• Elective Courses Offered:

    All elective courses will be announced in October of each school year.


    Citizenship Preparation

    Individuals interested in preparing for the new American Citizenship Examination will benefit from this course. While studying US history and government (local, state, and national), participants will explore the rights and responsibilities of living in the US. This course provides instruction via computer-assisted learning, videotapes, audiotapes, and group discussion. Students need a basic understanding of written and spoken English.



    FAST TRACK preparation is designed to help testers maximize their scores on the GED examination.

    The objectives of the classes are to:

    • Provide an overview of the GED and its sections
    • Review test-taking strategies
    • Complete practice exams
    • Answer questions about the exam


    Conversation Connections

    Conversation Connections is designed to help students improve their conversational skills and understanding of how to interact socially within the context of American culture. Students will learn vocabulary, idioms and expressions by watching movie clips, TV shows, etc., and engage in a variety of interactive tasks such as role plays, interviews and discussions in order to increase their speaking fluency.


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