• Health Team Members

    Wendy Murad, CSW; School Social Worker




    Julie Goldin, CSW; School Social Worker


School Social Workers

  • Ms. Wendy Murad has been a school social worker serving the EM Baker and Great Neck community for the past decade.  She works closely with students, families, teachers, and administrators on social, emotional, and physical issues that impact children. She is at EM Baker on Thursdays this school year. Please feel free to reach out to
    Ms. Murad with any questions or concerns.  She looks forward to working with all students and parents to better ensure a successful school year. 


    Ms. Julie Goldin has worked with children and families as a social worker across New York City in schools, homes, and community agencies for the past eight years.  She feels it is an honor to join the EM Baker community in her new role.  She is committed to taking a warm and supportive approach that empowers people to achieve the goals that are personally and culturally valuable to them.  Ms. Goldin is available to help students develop new interpersonal and emotional skills that can improve their academic and social progress, and support parents as they build stronger and more productive relationships with their child's school.  She would like to invite all families to call, email, or stop by her office to begin forming a positive connection and to start working together to make our school community stronger than ever.