• Famous Alumni 

    Famous Great Neck Alumni Pages include those graduates who have achieved success and prominence in their chosen field of endeavor. They are role models to past, present and future students because of their intellect, talent, creativity, skill, diligence, and commitment to excellence. They exemplify the capacity in all of us to aspire to greatness, follow our dreams and make a contribution to society. Their distinguished careers and lives are both a source of school district and community pride, and are also an inspiration to current students as well as to our individual and collective potential.

    The pages that follow spotlight, and pay tribute to, these accomplished men and women. They are organized by decade and listed in year order by graduating class. Wherever possible, a high school graduation photo accompanies a more recent photo, a short bio is provided, and a related link to more information is also included.

    If you know an alumnus of the Great Neck Public Schools who you believe has achieved substantial notoriety and accomplishment in their field, and that person is not included in these pages, the omission was not intentional. Feel free to nominate that person by completing this form.

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