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    From Monday, April 15th - Friday, June 22nd:  Recreation Department (345 Lakeville Road, Phipps Administration Building)

    As of Monday, June 25th:  Summer School Office  (349 Lakeville Road, South Middle School)

     Enrichment  Enrichment

    The Great Neck Summer School is a series of summer programs offered annually by the Great Neck Public Schools in Great Neck, New York. Click any of the links on the top of the page to access brochures, schedules, applications, and tuition information.


    For 2018, all programs will be held at South Middle School, 349 Lakeville Road. 


    Enrichment  Enrichment


    Our programs include:

    Summer Enrichment: Open to students entering grades 5-9, this program includes over 30 different fun and exciting extracurricular courses, including Rocketry, Astronomy, Culinary Arts, Architecture, Instrumental Music, Sewing, Computer Programming, First Aid, Fine Arts, Drama, Forensics, and more!

    Musical Theater: A drama, vocal, and dance performing arts workshop offered daily from 12-3 pm to students entering grades 5-9.

    Academic EnrichmentWe offer academic courses in the core subject areas for students to get a head start into the coming school year. Students entering grades 6-9 can register for classes in Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and/or ESL. All academic courses are offered as Enrichment, not remediation.

    Elementary Enrichment: Our elementary program previews the curriculum of the upcoming school year.  We offer courses in Reading for grades 1-5 and Math for grades 3-5.  

    ESL: English Language instruction for students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12.

    High SchoolThe high school program is designed to provide remedial instruction for high school students who must retake an academic course in order to receive credit.

    Regents Exams: Students who are looking to take an August New York State Regents exam. The Regents tests this year are administered on August 16 and 17.  Please note that the Physics and Foreign Language Regents are not offered in August.

    Regents Review: Students may register for an 11-day Regents review class offered the week before the Regents are administered.  This is separate from a summer high school course for course credit. 

    Enrichment  Enrichment