• 2023-24 Board Goals

    The Board of Education sets several goals it would like to achieve by the end of each school year. After much deliberation, the following goals were developed by the Great Neck Board of Education for the current school year:

  • Extraordinary Student Experiences

    Strive to maintain consistency and articulation across the District.  

    1. Commit to the depth and breadth of instructional and co-curricular programming, focusing on the whole child. 
    2. Share and demonstrate a belief that Great Neck is one of the finest school Districts in the state and nation.  
    3. Celebrate Coexistence.  In order to support students’ capacities for belonging, we will continue to support curriculum, literature, and co-curricular activities which reflect the pluralism of our community. We support proficiencies in varied cultures, heritages, needs and abilities of learners within our community, as well as the many languages spoken at home. (“All means all”) 


    Enhanced Communication/Community Engagement 

    1. We will use various methodologies available to make certain that all stakeholders are able to both receive and offer information regarding the work of the District.  We will continue to maximize the use of district resources, such as the TV stations, to share the excellence taking place throughout the district. 
    2. Thought Exchange will be used as a methodology to allow for insight and feedback to be provided by all district stakeholders. 
    3. The District Administration will work collaboratively with parent groups and community organizations to enhance the overall educational experience within the district.  Opportunities to engage with Administration will be purposefully planned to provide opportunities for parents/community members input.  


    Effective Transitions  

    1. Appropriate resources will be used to ensure an effective transition of leadership both at the administrative and Board level.  
    2. Focus items from the 2022-23 school year will be revisited with current district leadership to ensure appropriate follow-up action is taken.  This includes topics discussed within the 2022-23 advisory committee as well as demographic data. 


  • New GNPS Logo with center star