• Schedules, Lockers, and Supplies



    When do we receive the schedule of classes for the Fall?

    • Schedules are made available mid-August on the Parent Portal.  


    Once my child receives their schedule and needs/wants to make a change, how does that happen?

    • The week before school begins, each grade is designated a day to come in for schedule changes. See the school website. Additionally, in Mr. Holtzman’s Welcome to North High Letter, the days for schedule changes are listed as well.


    Where can I find information about the bell schedule?

    • All bell and day of cycle schedules can be found on the NHS homepage under the "Schedules" tab. 


    Are there specific testing and extra helps days?

    • Yes, each content area is assigned a testing day. This day remains the same for the first semester (1st and 2nd quarter) and changes in the 2nd semester (3rd and 4th quarter). Testing and extra help schedules can be also be found under the "Schedules" tab of the NHS homepage. 
    • Some teachers may offer extra help during additional times by appointment. Students should speak directly with his or her teacher to inquire about extra help opportunities. 


    Where is the bus schedule listed for after school and late buses?


    At what time can students begin to arrive at school?

    • The building opens at 7:00 AM.




    Does the school provide locks or do the students bring their own?

    • Our lockers have built in locks so students do not have to supply one. Students receive a combination for the lockers at the start of school. 





    Is there a school supply list? What should my child bring in for the first day of school?

    • Students should bring a notebook and pen on the first day. 10th, 11th, and 12th graders should also bring their iPad (charged!) on the first day. 9th graders are issued an iPad during the first weeks of school. Teachers will tell the students what else is needed for their respective classes.