Great Neck North Middle School Covid-19 Information Page

  • May 26, 2020

    Locker Cleanout

    Good Afternoon North Middle School Families,

    On Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3, we will provide opportunities for students to clean out their physical education and hallway lockers and to return/pick up musical instruments.  In addition, student medications may be picked up at this time.

    Students MUST ADHERE TO THE SCHEDULE BELOW based on the first letter of the student’s LAST NAME so that we may control the number of individuals entering NMS.   You can drive your child to the bus platform, drop him or her off, and then park down in Parkwood. Students are to enter the building through the MAIN ENTRANCE.  When they are done in the building, your child will call you to have you drive around and pick him/her, or he/she can walk down to Parkwood to meet you.

    We cannot have parents waiting in the bus lane to pick up their children.

    Students will have twenty minutes in the building. Students must also wear a mask (or other face covering) and gloves for the duration of their time in the building (these will not be provided by the school).  If they arrive without these protective items they will not be allowed to enter the building. Parents will not be permitted in the building.

    We will have tables set up in the lobby for students to drop off textbooks and/or library books.

    There are no plans to accommodate students who cannot make arrangements to attend at their scheduled times. 



    There will be no trash receptacles available.  We would ask that students bring in a large tote bag or trash bag(s) to empty out their lockers completely.  There should be nothing left behind in students’ lockers.  There will be containers outside of each homeroom in which students may leave their locks.

    Any items left in lockers after this clean-up period will be discarded by our custodians as they clean and sanitize the building over the following days and weeks.


    All PE lockers will be emptied out prior to June 2nd and the contents of each locker will be placed in a clear bag.  These bags will be placed in the gymnasium.  Students who left belongings in their PE locker should report to the gymnasium to retrieve the bag with their belongings


    If a student is returning or picking up a musical instrument, they should report to their take care of their hallway and PE lockers before reporting to the hallway outside of Room 155.  Mr. Trinkwald will be present to help facilitate this process.


    For any student involved in the musical, report to the dressing room and Mrs. Murdocco will hand you any musical related belongings that had been left in the building.  Please bring a bag for all of your things.


    If you are picking up medication, you are asked to report to Polo Road once you’ve dropped your child off.  Once parked, please call the school nurse, Ms. Farazmand, at 516-441-4510.  She will then bring the medication down to you.  After you have received the medication, we would ask that you return to the Parkwood parking lot to await a call from your child.


    Please bring any textbooks and library/classroom books that need to be returned to the main lobby.

    Complete a book return form (click here to print the form)
    Place the form sticking out of the front cover
    Place the book on the appropriately labeled tables.
    We will take all appropriate precautions to maintain distancing and other recommended health measures.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Image of locker cleanout schedule

    locker cleanout logo


  • March 30, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are doing well. We recognize that the shift to remote learning has been challenging for students, parents, and teachers who are balancing personal and professional concerns and responsibilities. One of the most significant shifts in the move to remote learning is that both “classwork” and “homework” are now taking place in the home which creates a parent burden and gives the impression of an increased student workload. We remain sensitive to all these concerns and the social-emotional well-being of all members of our learning community.  Our teachers are planning, collaborating, and implementing a variety of best practices for approved methods of remote instruction to introduce new lessons and extend student learning using their creative and professional discretion.

    We also call your attention to the informational items that appear below.

    1. With respect to student grades:

    The 3rd marking period will now end on April 7th rather than on April 3rd. This grade will reflect work completed through the closing of school and remote learning work up until April 7th.

    Given that the date of our return to physical classrooms remains uncertain, we continue to discuss how to best approach the 4th marking period and final grades.

    2. Advanced Placement Exam information will be forwarded under separate cover from each of the high schools following an announcement from the College Board expected on April 3rd.

    3. We remind you that the following New York State assessments have been cancelled:

    Grades 3-8 English Language Arts
    Grades 3-8 Mathematics
    The NYSESLAT (for English Language Learners)
    The NYSAA (an alternative assessment for students with significant learning disabilities)

    Please note that New York State has not yet made a determination with regard to Regents exam administration in June.


    During the April break (April 8-19), students will not be receiving work from their teachers.  This time is intended for all to relax and recharge. If we are still home after the break, remote learning will recommence.   

    Please note that should schools reopen at any time, you will be notified at least 48 hours before students are to report to their building.


    In closing, we ask that you continue to practice social distancing and thank you for your continued partnership during this unprecedented national emergency. We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy. 


    Stay well,

    Dr. Daniel Holtzman, North High School Principal

    Dr. Gerald Cozine, North Middle School Principal

    Dr. Christopher Gitz, South High School Principal

    Dr. Gina Cartolano, South Middle School Principal

    Dr. Stephen C. Lando, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education

  • March 17, 2020

    First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are safe and well. As you were informed by Dr. Prendergast, the Great Neck Public Schools is closed until further notice. Although we cannot replicate the face-to-face classroom experience, we are in a strong position to leverage our comprehensive Instructional Technology program to provide remote education for our students. As this is new to all of us, we will need to make the most of our school-to-home partnership to provide our students with instructional continuity.

    Distance learning may be delivered through synchronous (live) or asynchronous methods of instruction. Synchronous instruction (excluding videoconferencing due to privacy concerns) may include live online collaborative documents, audio, text, or chat platforms. Asynchronous methods of instruction may include posted assignments, website links to educational resources, online databases, recorded videos, screencasts, and other meaningful learning activities.

    It is recommended that teachers and students maintain their structured schedules for remote teaching and learning each school day. Materials, assignments and guidance will be available online to facilitate the digital workflow; it is imperative that students check their Google Classrooms every day (Monday – Friday) to collaborate with classmates, and to keep up with daily coursework, assignments, activities, and assessments. To the best of their ability, teachers will be available to engage and respond to student and parent inquiries during regular school hours via Google Classrooms, e-mail, or other means of communication. Department heads will continue to support the learning process and are available as a resource should needs arise that your child’s teacher is unable to address. Support personnel, counselors, psychologists, social workers are prepared to use different interactive platforms to communicate with students. Administrators will make themselves available online during the regular work day to collaborate with each other, support the staff in their buildings and programs, and maintain lines of communication with parents.

    Please contact your building principal via email if you have previously provided a supply of medication for your child that is currently maintained in one of our school nurse offices, and it has become necessary to return the medication to you.

    In addition, please consider having your child:

    • Begin the day with a good breakfast prior to the start of the regular school day;
    • Complete assignments in a “school area” which is not in your child’s room to add a formality to instructional expectations;
    • Take short breaks and physical movement between assignments;
    • Stay hydrated;
    • Clean his or her iPad/device on a daily basis;
    • Unplug at a time that allows for a good night’s sleep.

    For technical support, please reach out to your school’s technology staff developer.

    We ask for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times. The newness to remote learning will likely cause angst and that is understandable. We are working through this together in real time and we are all here to support our students and families. As things change or evolve, the District and school will keep everyone informed.


    Dr. Daniel Holtman, North High School Principal
    Dr. Gerald Cozine, North Middle School Principal
    Dr. Christopher Gitz, South High School Principal
    Dr. Gina Cartolano, South Middle School Principal
    Dr. Stephen C. Lando, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education