• Homework Guidelines

    Parkville School Early Childhood Center

    Prekindergarten & Kindergarten


    Our goal, Parkville School’s mission, is to help our students become independent, confident, lifelong learners as well as socially responsible and productive citizens. Preschool and kindergarten are the foundation, and just the beginning of an exciting educational journey where, at Parkville School, students will develop self-confidence, take risks, engage in exploration and discovery, and experience a balance of academic rigor and play. 

    Why is the home-school connection important:

    • Allows students to share their school experience with their family 

    • Allows families to celebrate the learning that takes place each day

    • Gives caregivers opportunities to reinforce and/or extend skills and material taught in class

    • Gives caregivers opportunities to prepare their child for upcoming lessons and units

    • Helps students develop independence, responsibility, and effective study habits

    Family Homework Responsibilities:

    • A caregiver should check, and empty, the home-school folder daily.

    • Students are expected to return their home-school folder every day.

    • Read with your child every day (read together, take turns reading, share a bedtime story, etc.).

    • When assigned, homework should be returned in a timely manner as per the teacher’s request.

    Caregiver Tips for Success: 

    • Establish a quiet workplace at the beginning of the school year.

    • Check the home-school folder daily and respond if necessary.

    • Enjoy reading with one another in a variety of ways!

    • Check your email for communications from the school, your teacher, or the principal.

    • Don’t forget about helping to foster social and emotional growth:

      • Arrange playdates

      • Give simple responsibilities

      • Be consistent about simple rules your child must follow

      • Engage your child in play

      • Help your child learn how to express their emotions

      • Model appropriate social interaction and politeness (board games)

      • Practice independence skills (putting on/taking off clothes, cleaning up toys, using the bathroom, walking places, zipping jackets, asking for help)