Habits for Life Pledge

Habits for Life Pledge

School Bus Habits

  • School Bus Behavior Agreements and Commitments

    Riding on the school bus is a privilege, and it is the responsibility of the students, parents, bus drivers, teachers, and administration to work together to ensure that our students follow the safety guidelines and expectations for positive behavior on the bus. Please note that to ensure the safety of all students, there are video cameras in the front and rear of each bus.

    Student Commitment:

    I agree to contribute to a safe bus ride for others and myself:

    • I will stay in my seat, with my seatbelt on until the bus has come to a full stop at my bus stop. I will not change my seat.

    • I will use an inside voice.

    • I will sit facing forward.

    • I will keep my belongings on the seat with me.

    • I will obey the bus driver.